Thrall Independent School District

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The Board of Trustees (School Board) for the Thrall Independent School District consists of seven members as provided for by the Texas Education Code and other applicable laws pertaining to the organization and operations of local schools. Each member is elected to serve a three year term, and terms are staggered such that the composition of the School Board may change each year following an election to fill seats for expired terms.
The School Board conducts business according to the Texas Open Meetings Act. Any action taken by the Board must be taken by vote of the members in open session and is subject to a majority rule voting system. The Board reorganizes each year by electing a new President, Vice President and Secretary at the first meeting following the election and following seating and swearing in of any new members.

The School Board meets at least once each month in Regular Meeting and may call Special Meetings as required. Regular meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month. Each meeting Notice and Agenda is posted online in Board Book via the TISD website and on the bulletin board outside the Administration Building at least 72 hours before the meeting. It is the School Board's intention to actively utilize this website to publicize meetings, actions and information important to the public.
 Trustee (Contact Information)  Position  Term Expiration
 Bryan Holubec (512-922-5470)  President  May 2023
 Wesley Grisham  Vice-President  May 2023
 Rodrigo Reyes (512-818-2350)  Secretary  May 2024
 Sonny Chandler (479-549-7596)  Member  May 2024
 Stephanie Ochoa  (512-818-4651)  Member  May 2024
 Wesley West  Member  May 2022