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Thrall Vision

The vision of Thrall Independent School District is for every student to possess a work ethic, the knowledge and skills, and the opportunity through a College-Ready or Career/Technical Certification to pursue their post-secondary options.
The Mission of Thrall Independent School District is to ensure that every student will develop a work ethic along with the knowledge and skills to become a productive, contributing, and responsible citizen.
We Can, We Will, All Together!
Goal 1. Every student will achieve continuous improvement toward excellence in academic achievement.
  • Create a culture of high expectations for behavior and learning leading toward exceptional student achievement.
  • Ensure a guaranteed and viable curriculum for Thrall ISD.
  • Develop/implement plans to increase performance in all core areas of state curriculum standards.
  • Utilize assessments throughout the year in order to develop and implement individual improvement plans for students in need.
  • Increase opportunities for career and technology courses and certifications.
Goal 2. The district will strengthen community partnership and increase parental involvement.
  • Create additional educational and support opportunities for parents and community to become involved with the school.
  • Create additional opportunities for parents and students to explore post-secondary readiness.
  • Ensure the effective use of electronic communications used both internally and externally.
Goal 3. The district will recruit, train and retain highly qualified and motivated staff to promote a positive influence on all students.
  • Recruit, train, & retain quality, motivated & positive faculty.
  • Develop a team concept that has emphasis on community relations and promotes communication.
  • Create an annual plan for Professional Development with a 5-year vision.
Goal 4. The district will maintain multi-year plans for continuous district improvement.
  • Provide most current technology feasible for supporting student instruction
  • Capital Improvement Plan as a guide to repair and maintain existing facilities to provide a safe, clean environment that is conducive to learning.
  • Provide stable finances for growth including responsible use of funds, appropriate fund balance, and the pursuit of additional funding sources. 
  • Review, update, and implement to the extent feasible the multi-year emergency management plan.
  • Maintain the District Improvement Plan and create a 5-year District Strategic Plan.
Guiding Principles:
1. Thrall students are the primary focus of all decisions.
2. Thrall schools are safe places and have high expectations for learning.
3. All Thrall students receive a quality, technology-enhanced education.
4. Thrall ISD is guided by long-range plans that includes supporting student learning, teaching initiatives, and thorough communication between school faculty and parents/community.
(Revised 2/26/13)