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COVID-19 Incentive Package for Staff Distributed!

The administrative staff prepared options for this COVID-19 incentive and the Board of Trustees made the final decision to approve Option 3. The decision was fully supported by the Thrall ISD School Board and passed with a unanimous 5-0 vote. This includes distributing $500 for part time employees, $1,000 for Auxiliary Employees and $1,500 for Contract and 226+ Day Employees.
“Our teachers and leaders have been under a great deal of pressure with increased workloads preparing for a successful start that included both virtual and in-person instruction for our students. We had a positive start as a district due to our staff embracing the all hands on deck philosophy” according to Thrall ISD Superintendent, Tommy Hooker. The Thrall ISD Board understands this huge accomplishment and wants to recognize the effort of each team member. Additionally, each employee was allotted $100 in the cafeteria to be used during the school year. Employees will enjoy the added convenience of being able to purchase breakfast or lunch on campus.

Thrall ISD began school earlier than expected this year, as students reported on August 10 and teachers were called in earlier for preparation and staff development. The district had students participating in virtual as well as in-person learning from the beginning and now has 90% or more of the student population on campus daily. The enrollment for the district was steady at 780-students (highest ever) and is approximately at the 4% growth rate from the previous year.
Also, free meals will be provided for all students for the remainder of the school year through a
USDA Grant.